issue No.0

curated and designed by Stefano Marchionini


Delaney Allen
Charlotte El Moussaed
Kasia Klimpel
Ian Lewandowski
Nich Hance McElroy
Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
Bärbel Praun
Baptiste Rabichon
Clémentine Roche
Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Daniel Shea
Peter Watkins

first release: leboudoir2.0 - Les Rencontres de Arles - 07/2016

first edition of 250
© 2016 leboudoir2.0, all rights reserved

featured works  © all rights reserved to the authors
no reproduction allowed

concept by annakarin quinto
design by stefano marchionini

unfolded: 176 x 90 cm
folded: 21,5 x 30 cm

comes with two 25 mm fold-back clips too be used as hangers

cover printed by le Magasin du Print
cartography printed by Sud Labo